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01.Our Services


Residential Design

We approach residential design with a unique philosophy. Our home remodels or restorations are lifestyle builds. We design based on how the customer wants to live. We had one customer that wanted to use their new outdoor hot tub everyday in the winter, and they wanted to have a mudroom for entering and exiting their home without making a mess. So near the hot tub door, we built them a powder room with a changing room, heated towel rack and floors, and sauna in it. Our results are high end custom designs with customer habits in mind.


Construction Management

We approach construction management as a way to join your team through design through project execution.


Commerical Design

We approach commercial design as a way to express a unique aesthetic and brand at each location we build at. Quality is a top priority whether it’s a new construction or a remodel. A customer was searching for a new contractor for their first nail salon. They hadn’t opened a business before and we walked them through the design including customer flow and layout and things like proper storage for their supplies.Then we implemented the general contracting work. We keep attention to detail throughout the entire process to ensure our clients are happy.

What You Can Imagine
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Turning Point is a multi-faceted customer centric design and build construction company. We handle custom remodels and home builds with attention to detail to create high quality designs. We also cover commercial builds and restorations. Please contact us with any inquiries so that we help you make a turning point.

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02.Why Choose Us

Professional Team

Powerful Equipment

Quality Materials

03.Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

First, we have an initial interview to understand our client’s wants and needs. Then we agree to meet on the job site to better evaluate requirements for the build.

When we get to the job site, we share our ideabook and collaborate with the client on design concepts that fit what the client desires.

Once we fully understand the aesthetic our client wants, we create the designs. Then we come back to our clients for approval before we begin the build.

The final phase is building and installing our clients’ high quality designs and finishes to create a turning point in their lives.

04.Our Projects